Another "Pia Berkicau"
Do you have “that” song that really suits your world?

I mean, if your world was a place somewhere, what song will be the background music?

For me, if you can really come to my world, mine was every music that has same “feel” as PERFUME’s music. It can be “COMMUNICATION”, “Spring of Life”, “Magic of Love”, “Cling Cling”,or maybe “FAKE IT”. Everything that can make you feel like a robot instantly. Mmm… It’s not like I’m a robot or trying to become a robot. But, most of PERFUME’s song suits my world.

FYI, PERFUME is Japanese girl-group. ”COMMUNICATION”, “Spring of Life”, “Magic of Love”, “Cling Cling”,and “FAKE IT” are PERFUME’s song. If you guys have already heard PERFUME’s song, I hope you got what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, just check it asap! ^^

I’m a fan of SNSD, AOA, and a big fan of Lady Gaga, but I think, their song wasn’t in my world’s bgm. They’re like…something I…adore? “Something I really wanted to be…” I think? That’s their music for me. They’re good, but they can’t describe my world.

The reason why I choose Perfume’s song as my bgm, that’s because they have that mysterious yet sweet tune that also have that “cold” feel. It’s not like I’m feeling cold or something. But I think my life’s kinda mysterious with so much surprise that is sweet and cold at the same time…and also, sometimes I feel like I’m kind of a robot inside. I’m cold and sometimes I can’t feel anything but something weird that I don’t even know what is that.

So, do you have “that” song that describe your world? :)